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An opportunity for non-stop ideation, hacking , designing the MUP [Minimum Usable Prototype] and preparing Grant Proposals under the mentorship of experts. The goal is to equip the participants with skills & competencies that are critical to succeed in innovation and entrepreneurship and rapidly go from an idea to a useful, usable, and technically feasible solution.

A 6-day residential innovation bootcamp that offers a systematic and structured process of problem validation, MUP ideation, and 72-hour hackathon to build a PoC under the guidance of tech, sector, or domain experts. 120 Students grouped in teams of 3 each work on real-time problems and challenges sponsored by the industry, government, or social sector etc, and demonstrate the core features of the solution that is most likely to become permanently deployed or used by the target customer/user. FORGE shall facilitate direct visits and meetings with the target enterprises, buyers, and users so as to achieve fast-tracked success in this program. Participants also get trained and mentored in preparing a Grant Proposal document seeking funding support from DST, NID, Corporate Innovation Grants etc.


Right Hack,

Hack Right


Identifying and validating problems that are worth solving.


Ideating a useful, usable, and technically feasible solution.


Rapidly building deployment ready prototypes using tech.

Grant Proposal

Grant proposal writing & presentation to win innovation/startup grant.

HWjunction is the integrated innovation lab for rapid hardware prototyping housed inside FORGE.FACTORY, the 20,000 sq.ft. incubation centre established in Coimbatore, created to catalyse the hardware/tech innovation pursuits of the #innovators #makers #creators #tinkerers #startups #entrepreneurs

A comprehensive suite of equipment, resources, and tech expertise are offered to support up to 40 teams to build and test their Proof-of-Concept [PoC] concurrently in the areas of IoT, Electronics design, test & measurement, AI/ML/DL, 3D Digital fabrication, PCB design and assembly, IT computing, drones, robotics, and AR-VR.

The HWjunction portal will provide an exhaustive overview of the 11 constituent labs in HWjunction, covering the specifications of the equipment, tools, and resources on offer.

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Who can attend?
  • Final Year Engineering Students with an intent to pursue technology powered innovations with guidance from domain experts
  • Startups & innovators with a passion to solve real-world problems and emerge as change agents with the support of mentors,
  • Corporates to test ideas, build internal capabilities, and scout for potential talent.


Top 3 Teams selected shall be offered a fully sponsored admission to the ProtoSem.19.1, a sponsorship value of Rs. 75,000 per student (non-residential model).

Date: Jan 7 - 12, 2019

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₹ 8,500 per student participant. [incl. 18% GST]

₹ 16,000 per corporate professionals. [incl. 18% GST]

Fees include expenses for

  • Boarding & lodging in dorms will be provided for 5N & 6D
  • Technical resources & consumables required for HWHackathon and Innovation Bootcamp will be included as part of the registration fee per student
  • Fee includes expenses incurred by FORGE for trainers, hardware components/supplies, prototyping materials & resources, stationery & materials, boarding & lodging expenses for the 6 days/nights;
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