A 2 day immersive learning, consulting and pitching experience with peers, mentors, investors.

No theory, no eggcorn, just quality content!

2 workshop days, 3 pitch rounds, 3 hour pitch masterclass, 4 hours of pitch clinic, several hours of mentoring & networking.

Peers, Investors, Experts all working to help you ace your Startup Pitch!

Templates don't matter, Techniques do!

With the PitchCamp@Forge, we get you to learn the tricks, traps, and tips of the startup pitching game!

Learn from the masters of the craft who have been there and done that, many times!

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can learn from what has always worked and just put that to work for your pitch game!


Aditya Dev Sood

Founder Startup Tunnel
Aditya Dev Sood Founder

Saurab Arora

Founder & CEO Airwoot
Saurab Arora Founder & CEO

Balram Nair

VP The Chennai Angels

Vish Sahasranamam

Co-founder & CEO FORGE Accelerator
Vish Sahasranamam Co-founder & CEO

Vivek Singh

Founder Jazz Factory
Vivek Singh Founder


Program Director FORGE Accelerator
Meera Program Director

Pradeep Yuvaraj

Founder Prezantim
Pradeep Yuvaraj Founder

Sunil Agrawal

Author,Bitcoin Magnet;Director Trustmachines
Sunil Agrawal Author,Bitcoin Magnet;Director

Sivarajah  Ramanathan

Founder Native Lead

Dorai Thodla

Founder Founder Technology strategies LLC,CA
Dorai Thodla Founder


Mr. Narayanan R

Director And Co-Founder Reelbox
Mr. Narayanan R Director And Co-Founder

Mr. Gaurav Sareeen

Country Director SIGFOX
Mr. Gaurav Sareeen Country Director


CEO & Founder CBL
Hemachandran CEO & Founder

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FORGE is the incubation enterprise launched by the Coimbatore Innovation & Business Incubator (CIBI), founded with the vision to create & catalyse innovation powered enterprises that harness the power at the intersection of hardware, software, and computing technologies to solve real-world problems, creating economic gains and delivering social impact. FORGE.FACTORY - the 20,000 sq.ft incubator established in Coimbatore, includes HWjunction - the fully integrated lab for full-spectrum hardware innovation offering equipment, tools, and resources in computing (AI/ML), IoT, electronics, desktop fabrication, 3D printing, drones, and automation & robotics, to support the design, development, and testing of ‘manufacturing’ ready prototypes.

FORGE offers holistic incubation services covering innovation, grant, acceleration, and seed capital investment to transform innovative ideas into successful enterprises with potential for growth, impacts and profits.FORGE has achieved steady and significant progress in our vision to become a 360D Incubation Enterprise, built on the 3 pillars of our strategy and operations - value creation & delivery, revenue generation, and self-sustainable growth. Founded on this principle is our strategy to build a multi-level portfolio of programs that combine to offer a comprehensive suite of services throughout the startup lifecycle from ideas to enterprises.