What makes a STARTUP Investable for the FUNDER? An investable PITCH by the FOUNDER!

PitchCamp is a way for FORGE to help FOUNDERS build the right PITCH and pitch it RIGHT to FUNDERS!

Day #1

"Learning from the masters of the craft who have been there and done that, many times!"

The founders pitched to themselves so they got a sense of where they stood as well as learn the investor's perspectives and expectations. Know more..

Vivek Singh, Founder, Jazz Factory offered an in-depth masterclass on 'Right PITCH & Pitch RIGHT' to help founders learn the tips, traps, and tricks of the trade. Later that day, they had a series of 1-on-1 mentoring sessions wherein the mentors advised the startups on product, value proposition, market definition/sizing, GTM, sales, revenue/price, business model etc. aimed at refining the core content of their pitches.

Day #2

"Peers, Experts all working to help the participants ace their Startup Pitch!"

The founders did a rehearsal pitch to mentors and got rigorous feedback, and after few hours of intensive practise and mentoring they pitched to a jury of investors from The Chennai Angels.





President, TiE Chennai


CEO & Founder, CBL

Pitch Winner

Best Pitch Winner of Rs. 25,000 cash prize

Manimozhian R.K.

Founder & CEO, Aspen Blockchain Technology