Bootcamp+PitchFest [TNIGC]

To activate the hardware ecosystem, Forge Accelerator presents the TNIGC BootCamp+PitchFest from 14th to 17th of March 2018 in Coimbatore.

Value Offered

Rs. 5 Lakhs grant including cash prize, resources & services, and seed capital offered with admission to the FORGE.FELLOWS pre-incubation or FORGE.FIRST incubation program

  • In the case of FORGE.FELLOWS the admission shall be to HWHackLicense
  • Direct admission to LaunchPad in the case of FORGE.FIRST
  • Admission is subject to signing MoU with FORGE, and accepting the terms & conditions of the grant
  • Rs. 50,000 for the Top 6 startups from the PitchFest
  • Rs. 50,000 shall be offered irrespective of admission to FORGE.FELLOWS or FORGE.FIRST program

START’egies integrates skills & competencies development with coworking, community & networking, and startup & business mentoring services to help early-stage founders fast-track their innovative ideas into successful enterprises. The program offers founders a 6 month membership with skills coaching workshops, office hours for intensive consulting & advisory, pitch events, community meet-ups etc. to fast-track their progression through to becoming successful enterprises

Membership fee: Rs. 30,000 per startup for 1 named person includes
  • Coworking: 6 months access to 1 coworking desk (open)
  • Consulting: 2 hours per month
  • Pitching: free admission to one PitchCamp@FORGE program
  • 50% discount on all FORGE programs/events
  • Prototyping Access: 50% discount on HWjunction access fees for up to 2 persons per startup on monthly plan
  • Additional coworking desks at Rs. 2000 incl GST per month per person
  • For all startups selected for PitchFest but not in Top 10 shall get a 50% off on the membership fee for START’egies
  • For all startups registering for the BootCamp but not selected for PitchFest shall get a 25% off on the membership fee START’egies
  • 3-day MVB BootCamp integrated with a PitchCamp to prepare for the PitchFest
  • Startups are given the MVB-Score in the form of a detailed diagnostic of different parameters covering technology/product/market/business & growth aspects, based on the startup rating methodology built around the FORGE MVB framework
  • 4th Day Hardware Conclave Day with PitchFest for Top 10 startups, Tech/Product demos for all startups registering for BootCamp along with Keynotes, Panels & Tech showcases
  • Top 10 startups selected pitch to jury of experts including investors, tech entrepreneurs, sector executives etc.
  • Conclave Day includes Tech/Product Demo by all participating startups to jury of experts.
  • Additional sessions including Buyer Meetups, Tech/Startup showcases & Panel discussions.
  • Office-Hours (6 hours per startup) with 1-on-1 mentoring with experts in Tech, Product, Market & Business areas.
  • Residential program with boarding & lodging included

Key Takeaways








Special Invitees


MVB BootCamp

“A Startup Entrepreneur has to build proof that this idea has significant if not enormous business potential“

On 14th, 15th & 16th March 2018, FORGE ACCELERATOR shall organize a 3-day MVB (Minimum Viable Businesss) BootCamp (residential program) for startups in the HW/IoT sector from across different segments. Startups shall register for the BootCamp, and benefit from this 3-day intensive preparation process and get ready for the PitchFest on Conclave Day.

The MVB BootCamp not just enables a startup entrepreneur to understand the potency of a Minimum Viable Business but also provides the necessary tools to adapt the principles of the MVB framework to their own startup. We hope to aid the startup entrepreneur in establishing a clear direction towards achieving operating profits and becoming an Investable Startup. Additionally, the experiential learning is further strengthened through shared experiences and interactions with peers, mentorship from experts and advice from industry veterans.

At FORGE, we strongly believe in the powerfulness of the MVB framework and believe that startups can greatly benefit from its many applications.

We have thus designed a three-day BootCamp to help startup entrepreneurs learn, and incorporate into their business model, the principles of the Minimum Viable Business framework through practical applications and peer interactions. Past participants (link to testimonials) of the BootCamp have found it to be especially helpful in orienting their primary objective towards building proof for their innovative technology, product or business ideas, in becoming more critical and analytical of the real business potential of their ideas, and in aligning their core offering to existing market conditions and envisioning a clear path towards achieving operating profits. You can also read our blog pieces for more information on content offered and our overall approach.

Participants must submit their project along with other technical documentation before 10th March 2016. While the Business Model Canvas is a good tool to ideate and visualize the different key elements of a business model, the MVB framework goes much beyond that scope. It offers startup CEOs a set of methods and tools to more rigorously analyze and strategize the business model. In other words, BMC is a tool that you use on the job, whereas MVB is the degree that got you the job.
We have generally found that early-mid stage startups are able to extract maximum value from the BootCamp. Having a relatively young and flexible business model allows them to integrate their learnings and make changes more easily. However, we are open to working with startups of all stages.

We offer a three-hour MVB 101 seminar as a prequel to the BootCamp. The seminar uses real-world case studies to emphasize the practical importance of the MVB framework in building a sound business model. MVB 101 is designed around the central goal of creating actionable awareness among entrepreneurs on rapidly building proof of their startup’s true business potential.

While it is not necessary to have attended the seminar in order to participate in the BootCamp, the seminar is a low-time-commitment opportunity to better understand the kind of topics covered in the BootCamp. MVB 101 is typically free of charge. However, in occasional cases a nominal charge might be applied to cover direct costs of conducting the event.

As part of the MVB BootCamp package, participants are given the opportunity to receive two free independent mentoring sessions from relevant industry mentors.


[Startup Grant] Rs. 5 Lakhs grant including cash prize, resources & services, and seed capital offered with admission to the FORGE.FELLOWS pre-incubation or FORGE.FIRST incubation program

*Conditions Apply: [Cash Prizes] Rs. 50,000 for the Top 6 startups from the PitchFest;

Top 10 startups selected pitch to jury of experts including investors, tech entrepreneurs, sector executives etc


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Program Experts



  •    Rs. 10,000 [inc. GST] [2 persons]
  •    Rs. 3,000 [inc. GST] for each additional person
  • Early-bird registrations before Mar 7th 2018
  •    Rs. 5,000 [inc. GST] [2 persons]
  •    Rs. 1,500 [inc. GST] for each additional person
  •    Rs. 3,000 [inc. GST] [2 persons]
  •    Rs. 1,000 [inc. GST] for each additional person
  •    Rs. 500 per person for winners selected from TNIGC Hackathons #1 & #2

Are You Eligible?

Early-stage Hardware (in IoT/AI/Robotics/VR) startups that have a full-time core founding team with either a basic or advanced prototype;

We are also looking at IoT Services startups that may have an innovative idea with an early or an advanced stage prototype;

For more information, Contact: Divijaa : +91-73977-33134


Here is what the Startup Founders have to say about the Minimum Viable Business (MVB)


FORGE is the incubation enterprise launched by the Coimbatore Innovation & Business Incubator (CIBI), founded with the vision to create & catalyse innovation powered enterprises that harness the power at the intersection of hardware, software, and computing technologies to solve real-world problems, creating economic gains and delivering social impact. FORGE.FACTORY - the 20,000 sq.ft incubator established in Coimbatore, includes HWjunction - the fully integrated lab for full-spectrum hardware innovation offering equipment, tools, and resources in computing (AI/ML), IoT, electronics, desktop fabrication, 3D printing, drones, and automation & robotics, to support the design, development, and testing of ‘manufacturing’ ready prototypes.

FORGE offers holistic incubation services covering innovation, grant, acceleration, and seed capital investment to transform innovative ideas into successful enterprises with potential for growth, impacts and profits.FORGE has achieved steady and significant progress in our vision to become a 360D Incubation Enterprise, built on the 3 pillars of our strategy and operations - value creation & delivery, revenue generation, and self-sustainable growth. Founded on this principle is our strategy to build a multi-level portfolio of programs that combine to offer a comprehensive suite of services throughout the startup lifecycle from ideas to enterprises.