Discovering potential innovators and offering them a conducive ecosystem are crucial elements of incubation management, relying solely on the potential discovery and offering them an ecosystem is unscientific and ineffectual as well. Apart from the infrastructure and networking support, innovators & startup founders do more importantly need enough decision-making potential to mitigate their inherent risks on aspects of dealing with customers, product, market & growth

To sum up founders require necessary skills and competencies in key functional areas of technology, innovation, business strategy and development, financial planning, operations, etc. to name a few, which needs to be developed through a structured and systematic approach via essential training and mentoring to mitigate their associated risks.

At Forge, we offer a portfolio of innovation camps and workshops by qualified domain experts with the requisite market experience and competencies that enable innovators, mentors, product leaders, and startup founders to come up with and execute better decisions.
Nurture, build and transform your skills and competencies through the portfolio of innovation camps.

Our Camps

Customer Development Camp

An immersive camp to enable product innovators & early-stage startup founders to learn the customer development process, tools & techniques to identify the potential customers & validate the inherent risks by linking their progress to customer- motivation, customer-commitment and customer-acceptance, and thereby evaluating the true market potential of product innovation.

Bootcamp for Innovators

Non-stop hardware hackathon involving ideation, hacking, MUP designing [Minimum Usable Prototype] and preparing Grant Proposals followed by quick prototyping to demo a few aspects of their innovative solutions under the mentorship of experts. The camp offers a platform for product innovators and early-stage startup founders to hone their skills & competencies with the mantra 'Right PROTOTYPE prototype RIGHT' to ideate useful, usable and technically feasible solutions that are most likely to become permanently deployable. During the Camp, the participants also get an opportunity to interact with the target enterprises, buyers, and users to expedite success.

Technology & Innovation Capacity Building

Series of multiple workshops that embed an approach to learning tech skills in AIOT, Robotics, Digital Fabrication, Product Design, Connected Mobility etc. by designing and building prototypes to solve real-world problems. Students, Graduates, Product leaders and Startup founders shall gain access to open source technologies through workspaces equipped with a state of the art labs, equipment and resources alongside mentoring and technological support.

Bootcamp for Innovation Mentors

A capacity building, competency development & career enhancement camp for educators. The residential program provides up-skilling for educators in the areas of ideation, design & innovation, prototyping, customer/market validation, business model generation, business planning and operations,and customer acquisition and sales to enable them as innovation mentors.